What are the Green propolis Benefits

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Best Green Bee Propolis: Where can you find the best products
September 25, 2017

What are the Green propolis Benefits

green propolis extract

The Propolis Shop: The place to get your green propolis extract online

We all know that bees make honey and beeswax. But did you know they also made propolis? If you don’t know what propolis is, it’s a resin-like substance bee produce to build their hives. And propolis is now getting more and more popular thanks to its many medicinal properties. But propolis did not come out on the market just now. It has been used to cure various diseases for thousands of years. Pretty amazing, right? Well, you still need to know about green propolis then. Green propolis is said to be the best propolis in the world. Basically, propolis products can come from different regions of the world, like Europe, Australia, or Brazil. But green propolis can only be found in Brazil, as it is made in a very special environment. And the best green propolis online can be found on www.thepropolisshop.com.

Normal propolis or green propolis extract: Which one to chose?

Like we’ve told you before, green propolis is the best propolis in the world, and the reason for that is pretty simple. Compared to classic propolis, green propolis is produced by Africanized bees who harvest pollen from plants based in an unpolluted environment. But how does this make green propolis better than regular propolis? Well, green propolis has a higher level of flavonoids. And right now you might be wondering « what exactly is a flavonoid? ». Well, flavonoid the chemical component that gives fruit and vegetables their vibrant colors. Other than that, flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity. To conclude, propolis is renowned for its health benefits, but green propolis is much more natural and much more powerful. Green propolis is basically an upgraded version of regular propolis. So, if you are looking for green propolis online, order some from The Propolis Shop to get the best green propolis at the greatest cost.

Five reasons why you should use green propolis extract every day

Anti-inflammatory activity: Green propolis is often used to treat gut or stomach ulcers but its inflammatory activity also helps recovering from a cold, or the flu.
Antioxidant activity: Antioxidant can also be found in fresh fruits and vegetables. They help against the oxidation of molecules in our body. Therefore they are very useful to preserve your health.
Antiviral activity: Regular propolis is renowned for its anti-bacterial activity, and so is green propolis. Therefore, green propolis can be to help recover from a cold, a fever, or the flu. Taken every day, it is a great way to enhance your immune system.
Improves liver metabolism: Liver plays a major role in our health. It absorbs all the toxic substances we ingest and change them into harmless ones. Taking green propolis helps with eliminating those toxins and keeping your liver in a good state.
Helps treat with major diseases: Considering that green propolis has a very effective antioxidant activity, studies showed that it was quite effective on pre-cancerous lesions and helped regulate the glucose level in type 2 diabetes patients.

Enhance your immune system, help to recover from various diseases, green propolis only wants the best for you. Why not try it out for yourself? Get your green propolis online on The Propolis Shop.

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